Looking for a Scripture App Builder developer

looking for a Scripture App Builder developer to help me make a NET BIble app see luminadotbibledotorg for a sample but firswt looking for a bible reader

Are you wanting someone who knows Scripture App Builder and can build apps with your data or are you wanting to build your own original app?

Looking at your iOS app everything that is in there can be done with an SAB app. Swipes take you to the next/previous chapter which is more efficient. You have to scroll down to get to the end of a chapter. There is no ePub like page turning feature.

yes i am looking for someone to do the development with my bible and reference material.
send to me daustinatbibledotorg

If you used SAB then you don’t need a developer but someone to massage your data to make it display similar to your iOS app. USFM with footnotes and or Glossary entries would make your extra content available in SAB. Or it could be in another collection or two that syncs via verse references. So three different options for including extra data.

I sent a link of this thread to a developer friend since I doubt the ones working on SAB have the time to do other work. I am assuming you are willing to pay since you did not say volunteer.

yes i am willing to pay for help