LTR and RTL in same App

Hi all,
I am getting a request and will soon be building an App in one language, but using two scripts via the multiple book collections. One is Latin (LTR) and the other is Arabic (RTL). Has anyone done this - are there any possible issues having the RTL and LTR side by side? It seems straight forward - but if there are any potential pitfalls to be aware of before I start I’d like to know. Also my understanding is that the synced audio can only follow one of the versions. Is this right? Or is it easy enough to create two sets of timing files to follow each script?

Under Interface > Layout Direction you can choose a direction based on one of the four options. I like the last one (Use the direction from the text being displayed). That way if they are in RTL the menu bar will be RTL. In two pane view the top text direction is the one used.
When you import books the collection text direction will be set by the text imported. All should be okay unless you import mixed direction files in the same collection.
In the parallel passage view both display as expected. Scroll one it scrolls the other one.

There should be no reason to not have audio for both, though I have not tried that. Your issue is that the same audio will be used for both. Your timing files may be a bit different for each since the same punctuation may not occur in both. So I’d create them separately.

Anyone else?

I am building apps for a large group of indigenous people in N. Africa. Their writing script is R to L however some of them also know one or more of the following > Arabic, French, or English. The app plays the audio of the indigenous people but I want to say the SAB does a wonderful job of allowing one to display various text on the same screen. I too believe that it would be quite possible to play audio files from multiple languages but with the number of verses that we plan to present, the file size would get very large. We will stay with just one audio language.

I and my counterpart on the ground in N. Africa are very impressed with SAB apps.


It works fine for a project I’m doing. I’m using one set of timing files since the punctuation matches even though some are rtl punctuation.