Mac RTL: Do navigation digits appear backwards on iOS 11 phones for you?

I’m attempting to build an RTL app for Mac. One of my problems is that on iOS 11 phones, the digits and any Latin characters in the chapter/verse navigation are displayed horizontally mirrored, as the example on the right:

This does not seem to happen on iPad (which may use different controls?), just iPhone:

It is just me, or is this a reproducible bug I should report?



Very odd! I am not sure why that would happen. I can’t remember if that is HTML rendered or UIKit.

@david_moore1, could you look at this when you have time? @Dan_Em, David might contact your for a copy of your project.

At the moment, we are extremely busy with Scriptoria, the next version of the App Publishing Service. So I can’t guarantee how quickly we can get to this.

Thanks, Chris!

@david_moore1, do you have a GitHub account I can share the project with?