macOS Ventura: can't launch build terminal


Be aware that upgrading to macOS Ventura will break the ability to launch the terminal windows to perform a build. This error will be displayed:

“” can’t be opened because (null) is not allowed to open documents in Terminal.

I am looking into what needs to change to allow the app to be start the bash script in Terminal.

The work-around is to open a terminal and cd to $TMPDIR/App\ Builder/build/... and run ./


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I haven’t found a solution for this in Google yet, but I do have another workaround which doesn’t require typing in Terminal:

  1. Click the blue “i” in the error dialog to show the entire path to
  2. Double-click on, to show it in Finder.
  3. The first time you do this you’ll need to set Terminal as the default tool to open .sh files:
  4. In Finder, right-click on and choose Get Info.
  5. Expand Open With and select Other, then naviate to Applications, Utilities, Terminal. Select Enable All Applications, click on Terminal and Add. Click Change All… and close the Info panel
  6. Double-click on in Finder and it will launch in Terminal and build the app.
    Before I did this, I’d also given Terminal Full Disk Access, though I don’t know if this is necessary.

I submitted this to Apple Developer Technical Support Incident and the engineer has determined that it is a bug in macOS Ventura. For some reason the event being received from Terminal is marked as quarantined even though the app is not.

I am working on executing the script directly from SAB and then displaying the output in a window (similar to how the Scriptoria sync status is displayed). I have a little bit more testing to do.

@EricP, thanks for the additional work-around.


This has been fixed in the next release (broken in 10.1.1 and previous).

Note that the same bug strikes Aeneas synchronization. Similar workarounds do still work.

Yes, there are several places that are affected by this issue:

  • Tools > Check aeneas installation
  • Convert Audio
  • Aeneas synchronization
  • Import Google Play Listing
  • Any build

SAB 10.2 for macOS has been posted on the website. It should now work with macOS Ventura.