macOS Ventura: SAB 10.1.1 doesn't find Xcode

Trying to build iOS app on Ventura, but SAB keeps saying to install Xcode from MAS even though both it and the Xcode tools have been installed

@ChrisHubbard warned of this a few days ago: macOS Ventura: can't launch build terminal

I did see that post, unfortunately that doesn’t address my issue. This is not an issue with the script file being blocked by gatekeeper. SAB does not recognize that Xcode is install and will not even attempt to build the iOS app

@ChrisHubbard if @bkane got his issue fixed, could he still build? I took what you said to mean that building on macOS Ventura was not possible.

My Mac can’t be upgraded to that version to test.

Can you run xcode-select -p from the terminal? It should display:

$ xcode-select -p

If you have installed Homebrew, then it installs the Xcode Command-Line Tools which doesn’t have the tools needed by Scripture App Builder to build an iOS app. See Section 4.2 “Verify Xcode Installation” in Scripture App Builder: Installing and Building Apps on Mac on this topic.

If this is the case, you likely still have the problem with the terminal not running and just haven’t gotten to that step yet. See the other post for a work-around.


Thank you. Homebrew must have been the issue. Xcode-select was pointed to the /Library/Developer.

@bkane, were you able to use xcode-select to reset to /Applications/Xcode? From the docs, you would do:

$ sudo xcode-select -s /Applications/

Are you working again?


Yes that did the trick. Thanks Chris