Mass distribution of Bible Apps

Looking for suggestions for offline ways to mass distribute SAB Bible apps with embedded audio (200+ MB).

We have uploaded Bible apps in Google Play Store, but users need to download audio separately (bandwidth). We don’t want to limit participation to those with the streaming-speed Internet (most users in some minority languages are in remote villages with low Internet speed).

We have tried BibleBox and Lightstream earlier, but that supports only a small number of concurrent users.

(Eg. Scenario - A local church convention with 400-500 people, we will get the opportunity to share about the app. Need an alternative method than Google Play Store (online) to get the offline app with audio to the participants.)

In our PNG context, we often share something with a few people and then ask them to share it with others. It kind of goes “viral”.

We like using WiFi sharing apps like CShare and ShareIt. We often send the APK file for CShare or ShareIt via Bluetooth, then use that to transfer the larger SAB APK. This is all offline provided you have the APK files to share, which is pretty easy to get the first time.