Menu/Drawer font size

Does anyone know how to make the menu font larger?
Maybe it is called the navigation drawer, but I mean the text in the attached screenshot where it has ‘search, user interface, recently visited’ etc.
Often Arabic scripts end up looking a couple sizes smaller than Latin, even when they are the same font size.
I have tried
Style>User Interface Styles>
Style>User Interface Styles> ui.drawer.item.text
increasing them to 40 but nothing changes.
Any suggestions?

With Arabic fonts the x height is quite small. If you can find another acceptable font it may work better.

If you go to: Styles > User Interface Styles > Drawer section > ui.drawer.item.text

Add a font size either as a size or a percentage. If a percentage then 130% and see how that goes.

Hi, Thanks for your reply.
I tried 130% and didn’t notice a difference so tried 250% and that didn’t do anything either.
I also tried increasing the font as high as it would go, 40sp.
I could try to change the font but then I would like it to match the rest of the app.

This is fixed in the next version.


I forgot about following up on this. I have tried again, I even updated to 8.0.1 today and tried that and the Drawer Item Text simply won’t budge. I tried bold, italic, 26, 40sp, 150%, 200% and nothing changes.
I tried both ui.drawer and ui.drawer.item.text.
Any suggestions?
This is what it looks like so you can see why I would like it a bit bigger.

I tried changing the body.settings under Styles>Text Styles>Settings and that changed the font size in the settings so I know some things work.

@richard is there something he is missing?

To change the size of the font in the navigation drawer:

  1. Go to the Interface > Languages page.
  2. Double-click or right-click and select Edit on an interface language.
  3. Change the relative Text Size for the language, and press OK.

For example, you might want the English interface text size to be 100% and Arabic to be 150%.

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That worked, thanks.
I made it150%

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