microSD bulk purchases - reliable supplier?

Hi All
Sorry if this is a little off-topic, but maybe someone has recently bought microSD cards in bulk (for SAB/Audio Bible distribution). Chinese suppliers on Alibaba seem the best option - but I’m a bit hesitant to order a thousand from an unknown supplier. Any recommendations or alternative suppliers?
PS - Please do suggest a more appropriate forum and I’ll post there.

Renew World Outreach provides excellent service in not only supplying the SD Cards but putting your data on it and locking it. They are a good service option we have used in the past. http://renewoutreach.org/
Duane Troyer, from IMS at JAARS, is regularly looking for this media too. He might be able to answer your specific question. I think the answer changes constantly. duane_troyer@sil.org

Thanks Bill. I’ll follow these up.

I have recently purchased mine from Amazon. This vendor sells these in lots of 100. Twice I have purchased 400 at one time and have had no issues and they are a quality name brand.


Their price just dropped too, I paid 4.35 per card and now it is at 3.95

Thanks Dave - good that these Amazon options are available in the US. Shame there’s nothing similar in the UK where I go frequently. At least we can ask American friends to bring them out for us.