Mismatching MP3 to SFM book

The last several months I have had more frequent problems with SAB assigning my MP3 files to the wrong bible (SFM) book. I can workaround by going to the audio tab for a specific book, but it is much more time consuming to add one books audio at a time, instead of all 27 at once.

Years ago I had this problem, but then I adopted a MP3 file naming system that is similar to FCBH. The problem went away at that time.

In the attached image I have Gen, Matt, Mark, Luk, Act SFMs added to a project.
I have audio for B43 (Luk) and B01 (gen), when I add the B01 files in the top level audio tab, they get assigned to Matt? WHY?


Short Answer
If you are going to use the FCBH style for filenames, then your OT books should start with A not B. So:
GEN = A01_
EXO = A02_

I would recommend using the Book Id instead of using the FCBH Style of filenames. I would also recommend including the language code in the filename.

Long Answer
I looked at the code in SAB. Here are the ways that audio filenames are matched to books:

  1. FCBH Style filename with numbering (see below)
  2. Include Book Id in the filename (the best choice for non-FCBH audio)
  3. Include Book Name in the filename (not a good choice since localized string might not work well in filename)
  4. Include Book Abbreviation in the filename (still not a good choice)

If the filename matches the FCBH style (starts with A or B, followed by a set of numbers and then followed by an underscore), then you should be aware of the following:

  1. Old Testament books must start with A
  2. New Testament books must start with B
  3. The number following A or B should be the book number (starting with 1) based on the western protestant canon order (GEN = 1, EXO = 2, … MAT = 1, MRK = 2, …).

If you are using FCBH recorded audio in your app, you should use the filenames as-is (don’t change the names) which include the DAM ID in the file name. You should also include FCBH Digest Analytics so that the copyright holders of the audio get a share of the money FCBH collect to share with copyright holders (based on usage).

Chris Hubbard

Though our naming is “similar” to FCBH, we include the full book name or three letter abbrev. and language code as well, but we still have problems.

You did not define what you mean by Book Id?


Book ID is the Paratext three letters after the \id.
MAT, MRK etc.
In your example your Book name on the MP3 is mixed case (Gen) not GEN.

If your source is not out of Paratext and has no id defined in the SFM then SAB will assign a number like B001 for the first book.