Missing app icon, audio controls, and navigation drawer/menu in iOS build

I’ve recently gotten back to an app project where we are working on an iOS build. Initially got things set up to test on my (wife’s) iPhone back in January and installed first version in January. Seemed to work fine.

Now re-trying this and updating the building, installation was deemed successful via Xcode, but the app icon, audio controls, and menu/navigation icon are all not visible. It seems I can still touch the spots where they should be an start playing audio and access the menu. I’ve attached a screenshot from her iPhone XR.

Anyone have any ideas about what is going on?

I built the same app and ran it in iPhone SE 2nd iOS 14.0 simulator and it displays fine. I just ran the simulator for iPhone XR as well and the app displays fine.

My wife’s iPhone is iPhone XR.

I’m intrigued to see this. I’m not an expert, but I recently built an RTL iOS app (but without the decorative borders that look so cool in yours!) Would you mind installing my app on your wife’s phone and telling me if those buttons are missing for my app on her phone? That will tell us if it’s something to do with the phone / iOS 14, or something in your SAB settings, in which case, we can compare settings. (And once you’ve got it installed, if you have a moment to give it a rating, that will help discoverability. -Thanks! :slight_smile:)

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Glad you like the border! I can’t take credit for making it…just putting it into the app. We wanted the app to visually match the recently released (last November already!) New Testament.

I haven’t gotten around to installing your app yet. I want to check out some other things on my rebuilt app because after upgrading to SAB 8.1 and trying to switch the audio source from Download to Stream or Download (from FCBH), my rebuilt Android version app is doing weird (but different things) as well. So I want to investigate more…