Missing book name in Header

I am new to PTXPrint and am having trouble with getting the book name to appear in the page header. I select Reference Range for the center option on the Header+ Footer dialog box.
When printed only the chapter numbers are displayed, without the book name, in the header. Am I missing a step?
Thank you.

PTXprint doesn’t read in the \toc1 … \toc3 markers for the header material but relies on the \h marker. So, could you check to see if the USFM files have a \h header marker with the book name.


Thank you. Your assistance has allowed me to fix the issue.

I have same problem - in the Final SFM tab I don’t see \h - can I add it in here, or is this something that needs to be adjusted in paratext. I tried just adding it in but it didn’t make a difference, any pointers gratefully received!

Adding the \h line is something that is done within Paratext, not within ptxprint. Typically it’s the 2nd line of the book, right after the \id line and before the different \toc lines.