Missing Keystore but no Error message Build (v9.1.1)

  1. SAB Project had incorrect path for keystore, but the project (APK & AAB) built with no errors.
    Past SAB versions would complain when the keystore file was not found. I found that error msg very helpful. Can this be restored?

  2. Google Play store accepted the App Bundle!
    My understanding is that the build keystore was required for Google Play to accept my new upload. What am I missing?

Thanks, Mike

Is it possible that SAB is looking in the last used keystore folder and using the password that is entered in the SAB UI?

In the image below, the keystore name is correct, and the password is correct, but the location is wrong. This is the original scenario, and the build was successful and Google accepted the AAB.

This seems wrong to me. Agreed?