Missing questions for Luke 21:38-24:53

The Questions for Testing Translations article in Translator’s Workplace ends at 21:33 for Luke, so I was excited to see a note on Transcelerator’s “About” page (I’m using ver. saying:

Questions for Luke 21:34-Luke 24:53 were translated by Mark Penny and adapted by Tom Bogle from the original work of Ramesh Sidam.

Unfortunately, I can’t find questions past Luke 21:38 in my version. I’ve made sure that the reference filter is cleared and have tried setting the display language to all of the available options. I have not defined any pre-processing adjustments nor rendering selection rules.

Sorry. The questions were added but I never published them. A new version will be available momentarily. They do not yet have answers. Hopefully those will be forthcoming. I’ve been doing quite a bit of additional cleanup lately while waiting for the answers (and maybe the French and Spanish translations), so I was waiting to publish, but I guess that can wait.
Sorry again. Something failed in the build. I’ll have to look at it on Monday…

Okay, the latest version of Transcelerator should now have the missing questions. Answers are still in the works…