MP3 to 3gp issues

This is my first post, thanks for your help! I am having issues getting my 3gp files to play correctly. My current pattern is to import the mp3 files, make and finetune timings, then change them to 3gp files. When I then export to HTML, no sound plays. When I build an app, no sound plays. I can go to the folder where the new 3gp is stored, click on it, and it will play using whatever media player it opens with. I am not super tech savvy, so I really appreciate your help! Thanks!

Try removing the mp3 files from the project and add the 3gp files.
The files should be somewhere like
...\Documents\App Builder\Scripture Apps\Audio

You might think about using .webm instead of .3gp You get better quality audio that is about the same size as the 3gp file. SAB/RAB have conversion to .webm built into the program, so it’s very easy to do the conversion. And you can fine tune the timings of the .webm files, eliminating another step in your workflow.

I have written a paper on why .webm is a great option for audio in your apps. You can download it here: