MP3 vs Webm download Performance from FCBH Bible Brain

We have tested a NT app with both 64kbps mp3 audio from the Bible brain server and 16 kbps webm audio from the same server (opus16).

Even though the webm files are about 1/3 the size of the mp3 files, in our testing the webm files take as long or longer to download vs the mp3. The download speed seems the same, but the webm files seem to take longer to begin downloading. Since the webm audio has a slight degree of compression distortion and the mp3 does not, we will continue to download mp3 instead of webm. We also noted that sometimes after downloading a webm file, the app will not start playback. The play button must be pressed to start playback. MP3 audio always starts playing after the download completes.

If you have experimented with webm audio from the Bible brain, what has been your experience. Have you found any advantages using webm audio for download/streaming.

This feedback can help FCBH to improve their Bible Brain server download performance, so please share if you have used webm audio.

Webm format can be helpful to reduce app size when including audio assets in an app. .3gp format also works well (and may sound better on phone speakers for some languages), but for downloading or streaming mp3 may be best for now.

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