Navigation skips section and chapter headings

When using the menu to navigate to the start of a specific chapter, audio playback skips both the initial audio (e.g. Music, book name, chapter number) and even the section heading, starting only with the text of verse 1.

Clunky workaround: The user must swipe forward to the next chapter, then swipe back to the desired chapter, and then play the audio.

Expected behavior:

  • When navigating to a verse that starts a chapter, play audio beginning at the start of the chapter audio, including the intro section that may have been ignored in creating the timing files.
  • Likewise, when navigating to any verse that starts a section, play audio beginning with that section heading.

Hi Dan,
Okay, I’m seeing that too in SAB 5.4. I’ll submit a bug report for it. Thanks for finding it!
App Builder Support

Some additional information on this issue. Building with the latest SAB 7.1, I have an app where when I navigate to chapter one verse one of books, it usually starts the audio playback with 1:1, as described by Dan above. But for some reason the books of Luke and Galatians start from the beginning of the book! I verified the Timings on those two books, and they are similar to other Timings files, but still produce this weird result. Furthermore, I went back to an app that was built probably a couple of years ago, and it had a similar issue: Galatians starts at the beginning of the chapter, but Luke and other books I checked starts right at 1:1.

I could see a case for starting the audio right at 1:1 if that’s the verse you selected (so in a sense what Dan requested is a feature request), but this inconsistency between different books is definitely a bug, and hopefully this additional information might help to track it down.