Navigation to a reference for which verses have been combined in the sfm file

In navigating to a particular reference for which two or more verses have been combined in the Paratext / sfm file, the app will move to verse 1 of the chapter instead of the desired verse. In the Paratext/sfm file, the verse number might be coded as “\v 20-21”, for example. If there is a way to map that, such as with a versification file, that could be a solution, but I haven’t been able to find a way to make it work. If there is no way to do this currently, it might be a good feature to add. Instead of having the app list combined verses in the navigation panel, it might be sufficient to have the app go to the combined verses when either or any of the verses that have been combined are selected (e.g., for the above example, to move to the combined verses whether verse 20 or 21 is selected by the user).

Thank you for considering this.

Can you look at this test case (and test it).
The third \r link MRK 2:8-10 shows the verses in the popup but the link from there does not jump to the correct place.
The fourth link MRK 2:10 shows no verse in the popup and the link from there does not jump to the correct place.

Does this illustrate what you are talking about?

I think we should put it on the bug list as it is not the expected behaviour.
For where the \r ref is with a single verse but the target is combined, a case can be made that the link should match the target. Checking in PT should catch that.
However the jumping should jump to the correct range of verses.

This isn’t exactly what I am referring to, but when I test it with our app built with SAB 5.2, cross references to multiple verses do appear correctly in the popup and the links do jump to the correct place.

My concern is about ordinary navigation to combined verses, e.g. Matthew 2:9-10 -
\p \v 9-10 Na guna makineg’u manga pabibitun su kadtalu a nia nu Datu Hirud na ginemanat mambu silan, na da ka pan ba ka su bitun a nailay nilan na nailay nilan menem 'bpaluman. Na mana silan nakasugku sa langit sa kinapia na ginawa nilan. Na nangunanan kanilan su bitun taman kanu atag’u nabetadan nu wata.

If, for example, I am at John 1:1 and I want to navigate to Matthew 2:9, I likely won’t know in advance that verse 9 is combined with verse 10. So when I tap the title bar to select Mataya (‘Matthew’) as the Kitab/Book I want to navigate to and then select Sura/Chapter 2, the verse selection tab appears as in this screenshot (“ayat” means verse in our app).


The app does not know either that verses 9-10 are combined so it does not inform me. When I select either verse 9 or verse 10 in the Verse/Ayat tab, the correct chapter opens, but at verse 1:


Then I have to scroll manually to reach verses 9-10:


To test what you were looking at, I changed the parallel passage reference at Luke 2 to navigate to Matthew 2:9-10. The jump was made successfully and the combined verses only did display in the pop-up, but the link in the popup took me to Matthew 2 verse 1 instead of to the combined verses, the same as your test demonstrated.

Okay I was off the mark. Got it now.

@mcquayi, any progress on this issue? We’re running into the same problem (SAB 5.4). Note that the solution must be able to handle the RTL marker 200F preceding the hyphen that bridges the verses. Thanks! :slight_smile:

The same issue exists in the Table of Contents. In selecting a Book Reference as the target for a menu item, any combined verses in the target chapter will appear in the list of verses as a valid option to select, e.g., Matthew 2:9-10 (see photo). But if the combined verses are chosen as the target, when the app is compiled and run, choosing the Table of Contents line with that target will result in the app navigating to verse 1 of the chapter rather than to the expected combined verses.Screenshot%20-%20TC%20Target