Need Help Managing App Size

I just finished building my first app using SAB and am surprised (and confused) as to why it is so big. The iOS app size is 164.2Mb (determined by installing in developer mode and browsing settings/General/iPhone Storage/…)

The app consists of:
19 books and 25 quizzes (393Kb)
19 content button images (2.6Mb)
12 illustrations (11.8Mb)
54 audio files (45.8Mb)

  • icons (~600Kb)
    = total approx. 61Mb

Can anyone help me figure out where the extra 100+Mb is coming from? I’m unable to publish until I can figure this out. Thanks for your consideration and suggestions.

That is not an unreasonable size for the app.

Compare with the Scripture Earth container app:

It has no app contents (since it is downloaded when the user selects an app), and it is 113.4MB.

So that is all code + libraries. Think of all the code that you didn’t have to write to get an app!


Thanks for your response, Chris. I think I got this sorted now.
I’ve been doing all my development and testing on iOS and intended to build and test in Android after I got iOS sorted.
I made several wrong assumptions I’ll share here just in case it can be of help to any other future newbies like me.
Facts; (1) Apple App Store max app size is 4Gb. (2) max APK file size for Google Play is 100Mb.

False assumption; I assumed the size of the installed app is the same as the size of the file that is uploaded to the App (IPA) and Play Stores (APK).

I’ve now learned that none of those file sizes are the same.
My iOS installed app is 164.2MB but the IPA is only 91MB.
My Android installed app is 95.82MB but the APK is only 64.6MB

Why is still a mystery, but, I really don’t care to know… I’m just happy I’m ready to publish!
Praise the LORD!

The IPA and APK (or AAB) is a compressed file while the contents on your phone is uncompressed (so it will be larger).