Need help regarding Deep Link

I have created an app for testing.
Enabled deep linking
Entered custom URI scheem as:


but I am unable to create a deep link. when I create a link like the same way as under:




and send it through SMS or cloud messaging, the link is not working. Even the text is not being shown as hyperlink/link, it is being shown as simple text.

I have only single collection of books.

Please help me how can create and share deep link with SMS/Cloud messaging.

Thanking you in anticipation

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@Raja_Sand I can’t get the custom URI to work either on two different phones.

I can get the https:// model to work on both phones

It may be phone dependent that the custom one does not work. But I will put it in the bug list.

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Greatings to everyone. I 'd like to create deep link but I got correctly the situation above like Raje_Sand.
Has anyone succeed deep linking on verses on phone’s app?

I too am running into this. I created an app with deep linking enabled (URI scheme: jkb://). After installing the app on my phone and texting myself a link (jkb://MAT.1.8) in Google Messenger, I find that the link is not recognized. This continues to be the case after restarting the phone.

However, the Branch linking works just fine: If I click on, I get the option to open the link using our Bible app, and subsequent clicking goes right to the app.

Another thing that I have experienced that deep link created through Brunch can not be share on Facebook. Facebook is showing following error:

This post can’t be shared
Could not scrape URL because it has been blocked.

Please go through this bug and get it resolved.