Need help regarding Deep Link

I have created an app for testing.
Enabled deep linking
Entered custom URI scheem as:


but I am unable to create a deep link. when I create a link like the same way as under:




and send it through SMS or cloud messaging, the link is not working. Even the text is not being shown as hyperlink/link, it is being shown as simple text.

I have only single collection of books.

Please help me how can create and share deep link with SMS/Cloud messaging.

Thanking you in anticipation

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@Raja_Sand I can’t get the custom URI to work either on two different phones.

I can get the https:// model to work on both phones

It may be phone dependent that the custom one does not work. But I will put it in the bug list.

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Greatings to everyone. I 'd like to create deep link but I got correctly the situation above like Raje_Sand.
Has anyone succeed deep linking on verses on phone’s app?

I too am running into this. I created an app with deep linking enabled (URI scheme: jkb://). After installing the app on my phone and texting myself a link (jkb://MAT.1.8) in Google Messenger, I find that the link is not recognized. This continues to be the case after restarting the phone.

However, the Branch linking works just fine: If I click on, I get the option to open the link using our Bible app, and subsequent clicking goes right to the app.

Another thing that I have experienced that deep link created through Brunch can not be share on Facebook. Facebook is showing following error:

This post can’t be shared
Could not scrape URL because it has been blocked.

Please go through this bug and get it resolved.


I’m having a similar problem. I share the verse of the day with verse-on-image through different platforms. On Telegram the deep link works fine, it takes you straight to the verse in the app. On Instagram no links of any kind work so I normally delete that part and just have the verse. On Facebook it opens up the website* in Facebook’s own browser.
This article explains how get deep links to work on Facebook, it looks like it is specifically for ads. It requires Facebook tracking which I am not that comfortable forcing on people. What do others think?

*I use the URL Scheme to link it to our app’s own website, which also has the whole Bible in html/PWA, so that if someone clicks on the link on their computer it will take them there. I have set up redirects so that it will at least take them to the correct book, but it does not open up the chapter or verse. On an Android device it works perfectly, iOS is waiting for review in TestFlight.