New Bug: After installation Mark 2 audio will not play

If I do a new installation via developers mode for a new version of my app (after I have uninstalled my previous old version) my audio for Mark 1 (which is embedded) works fine. When I go to Mark 2 hit play and agree to automatic future downloads Mark 2 starts to download the play button turns to a continuous rotating arrow. Once the download has finished the play button continuous in the rotating arrow mode. It doesn’t stop even after the download has finished. If I move back to Mark 1 and then to Mark 2 and hit play it does the same thing. This happens for any chapter. When I look into the audio download folder on my phone I see multiple number of Mark 2 audio files probably the number I tried to play Mark 2.

However if I go into my phone in developers mode and delete the SAB audio download folder with its previous audio files (SAB places the audio folder into my music folder) and reinstall the app and start Mark 2 it works fine and so do all the chapters of any book.

My concern is if this happens after installation via developers mode will it happen when it installs from Google Play Store.

My phone: OPPO find X3 Neo 5G

Android version: 13

Build No.CPH2207_13.1.0.590

Baseband version: Q_V1_P14.O_V1_P14

Kernel Version 4.19.157

SAB version 11.0.2