No borders on glossary

(I seem to remember discussion about this but can’t find it now…)
On a PDF that I’m producing with PTXprint, I would like to have borders around Scripture books, but not around the Glossary. How can I tell PTXprint not to put the border around the pages on the GLO book?

Maybe there wasn’t a discussion about it?

Well, I guess a work-around is to produce the PDF with two separate configurations - one for the Scripture text and one for the glossary. If I wanted page numbers in the glossary, however, I would need to manually define the right page number, based on the paging in the first section.

I can’t imagine a case (in the kind of contexts where we want borders around the text) where a glossary should have a border around it, so should PTXprint just automatically turn off page borders for GLO books (maybe except for the case when the GLO is the only book being printed… then if you wanted a border around the GLO, you could do it with two separate configurations).