No "export" button in book source tab SAB8.1

Am I correct in remembering older versions of SAB having a button to export the book? If some editing of the book is needed, which can not be done within the builder, so I assume exporting the SFM doc from the builder and using a text editor to make the changes, then replace the book. Is that what others are doing? But with no export button - how can this be done?


The Export button is there if the source was a DOCX file from Word. It is still there in 8.1 on the Source tab for the book.

If your source is an SFM/USFM file then you just edit the source file and right click on the book/s in question and choose Update from source.

ok, that makes sense,

I also see it if you select Books so that the right shows the Book Collections. Right click and there is an Export option. See attached picture.

Currently working on Bible app, where books are from PT. There is no export button. To test - added a docx book and sure enough, under source tab, there is an export button.

I was working on a songbook app, where using docx books, and I was sure I saw the export button. Then after upgrading to 8.1 to build Bible App, it was missing. Mystery solved. Thanks eh!