No pictures in Modern PWAs? Can't limit displayed chapters?

I was magically able to get something to show up in a browser by having the Localhost:4173 running already, and then clearing the site data, and then running “Run PWA” from within SAB.

Good part: It displays the app’s menu, and it has similar choices including display language. Nice! And the navigation is now similar to the app’s navigation too. Thank you.


  1. No illustrations were displayed. The old PWAs would display illustrations.
  2. This is a BIG one. Currently only chapters 1-7 of Luke are approved for publication for Kei. And the old PWA would only export those specified chapters from SAB. But the Modern PWA dumped ALL of Luke into the PWA, so everything including rough drafts and uncorrected material is displayed. I’m assuming this is an oops?

Finally, using the “Run PWA” option from SAB is good for testing the PWA. But it is not usable for “normal” people. How is does SAB/Scriptoria envision these PWAs to be shared between users in the field?

I believe illustrations are working. Is your project in Scriptoria? I can try it out.

I created an issue for “specified chapters” since I didn’t know that was a feature.

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Thanks for the quick response! Yes, it is in Scriptoria. The simple one is Kei (kei-Alkitab Kei). It only has 7 chapters of Luke and right now it has one picture in Luke 1 and 2 pictures in Luke 2 (and none elsewhere).


I looked at your project and I don’t see any placement information for the illustrations or \fig elements in the USFM file.

Is the project up-to-date on Scriptoria?


Yes, the APK it produces includes the illustrations. They display on Android.

Here is a screenshot from SAB.

Hope this helps.

I was looking through the Selaru Modern PWA (posted elsewhere) and noticed missing pictures. It was only later, as I was closing down the various windows, that I noticed these error messages from the host:

(There were several other missing illustrations as well.)

This is odd, as these pictures are in the folders, are in the SAB, are in the App, and are in the old PWA. So all I can figure is it might be related to Upper/Lower case filenames?

Here is the entry in Paratext:
\m \fig Petrus syambayan ti sekye srake|alt=“Peter prays on the roof top” src=“CN01944B.TIF” size=“col” ref=“10:9”\fig*

Note that SAB converts .TIF to .JPG

Here is the file list from the Old PWA:

Might this cause problems? Also, does .JPG vs .jpg make any difference?