Notes in text

With the upgrade to 10.3, I’m seeing this in my output

I’m assuming this has to do with the new feature
Collapsible Study Bible notes

Based on this note See the new ‘Study Bible’ tab for each book collection., I edited those settings and made the text no longer collapsible, but it’s still marked up in green.

The text is marked up with \ip markers, which aren’t Study Bible markers. What should I change to go back to the way things were before?

\ip markers can be part of Study Bible material:

Sorry, we had intended for there to be a way to turn off the Study Bible features. We will work on a minor upgrade in the next week or two to handle this.

In the meantime, a workaround could be to change the \ip markers to be a different paragraph marker that is not interpreted as part of study Bible explanatory text (i.e. not \ip or \im).

Thank you. Changing the marker to something else worked.

Knowing nothing about Study Bible features, even in hindsight I don’t understand why this happened. Surely there’s a way to use \ip within Study Bibles without messing up your formatting in regular text. With an upcoming minor update will it be possible to have \ip defined one way in normal contexts and another way inside of Study Bibles extensions? Also, looking at your link above I notice that \s can also be used in Study Bibles, but it doesn’t seem like it’s getting changed by this new update.

I am having a somewhat similar problem (see attached, verse 41) in apps for a few of our translation teams. The translation team has put notes that they would like to keep in Paratext, but they show up in the app as +\fr …

What do we need to do to fix this?

@sarah_jane Please can you show us what the underlying Paratext markers look like? Then it will be easier to see why it is being formatted in this way.

Here’s what Paratext looks like. Is this enough information?
Screen Shot 2023-04-14 at 16.02.11

The \fe markers you used are for Endnotes, which are usually meant to be placed at the end of a chapter or book.

I don’t think SAB is setup to correctly handle these.

I suggest adding a regex in Changes to change these to Footnotes \f




or replace: (not sure if the backslash needs to be escaped for this)


If you want Study Bible foot notes (Extended Footnotes) you need to use \ef not \fe.