Notification Bar covering part of SAB app's Action Bar

We are getting that notification bar covers part of the SAB app’s action bar in some apps. (Those apps have Contents menu enabled)

This appears in devices with Android 8 and above. I checked in a device (tablet) with Android 7 (Nougat) and it was displaying it correctly.

If you want to try it out, here are two sample apps where it is appearing.


The same issue is also being faced by me.

My app also opens in full screen on every startup.

Kindly, fix this bug.

Just back from my vacation.

On my Android 8.1 Huawei phone I can’t reproduce that. The full bar shows up with both versions.

I have written it up as a bug but as I can’t reproduce the bug, it may not be fixable unless the developers can also see the issue.

The same happens for me and my phone with my app.
If I double tap for full screen and then double tap again to exit full screen mode the problem is fixed. It will happen again the next time I start the app.