Offline usage analytics?

We’d really like some offline usage analytics info with some of the app projects we are working on. Can anyone share insight with using Amazon Analytics or FCBH analytics?

I have the basic Google Analytics tracking code included but there is little-to-zero offline usage information submitted. I was watching a recording of a Community of Practice call where the new features of SAB 4.0 were shared and it was briefly mentioned that there was offline usage information reported using either Amazon or FCBH analytic package but it wasn’t clear which one.

When I go to the Amazon Analytics page, there is so much available for commercial users it is overwhelming and not clear what I actually need to do. But if this allows me to get some basic offline usage analytics, then I’ll dive into it.

How does one use FCBH analytics? There are no details in SAB itself. All I have found is to contact “my FCBH regional contact.” Is FCBH analytics only available in certain cases…such as using FCBH audio recording?

To get FCBH analytics, email who you are and the language you want to monitor. They will give you an account name and the url to their analytics.

FCBH analytics are limited, but tell you how many sessions an app was used and minutes time. If your app uses FCBH audio from DBL server it will also track minutes listened.

Roger Green

FYI, we included minutes listened in the reported summaries if: 1) streaming FCBH audio from DBL server or 2) if you used the filenames from FCBH which have the damid in the filename (e.g. B01___01_San_Mateo___CUKNVSN2DA.mp3 where CUKNVSN2DA is the damid).

Also, we fixed several issues with FCBH Analytics in 4.6+:

  • include minutes listened for non-FCBH audio (damid property set to unknown)
  • fix issue with session count (only reporting 1)
  • include App Name in the data
  • report an initial event when the app is first used with FCBH Analytics (in case it is uninstalled before the first reporting time)