Older iOS issues SAB 9.2

Device: iPhone SE 2nd gen / iOS 14.6

There are some formatting issues:

User account:

Multiple crashes:

  • One was from toggling verse display options.
  • One was while using search. Did not crash searching for a different word.


  • No notifications received after enabling them. They are off by default.
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If you could place a copy of your project somewhere where I can get it, I would be glad to look at these issues. If that is too much of a problem, if I can at least get a copy of the ipa file, that would help. The one about the search crash seems to indicate that you had something specific that you were searching for that caused the crash. It would also help if you passed that along.

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Files ...

Project folder: Google Drive: Sign-in
IPA file: Google Drive: Sign-in

More on the crashes…

Nguni app: App crashed when I was trying to highlight text during a split screen between Zulu translations.

Tshivenda app: App crashed when I was trying to highlight text during a split screen between translations. Seems to do this with every language group. (Chose the first translation then had it display as split screen, then tried highlighting the bottom translation and app crashed).

There is not much available info in Crashlytics yet.

There are no dSYMs available for any of the SAB apps to download.

A few crash reports on appstoreconnect:

I have fixes for the registration screen being off center and the log in screen not appearing correctly (displaying user info screen with (null)) when security authentication and user accounts are both enabled. I wasn’t able to access the files. I had google request access to the files so hopefully you got an email on that. I’ll look at the other issues when I get that.

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I have fixes for the issues mentioned above in a new beta version of SAB. While I can see the crashes when I installed the app from the app store, I am having problems recreating them in a debug version here. I am adding a new section to the Mac installation document about the dSYM files and Crashlytics. See if this helps if you still see the crashes using the new version:
17.5. Firebase Crashlytics for iOS
If Crashlytics is configured for the app in Firebase, the dSYM file associated with the app should be uploaded to get the detailed information about any crashes. To upload dSYMs, you’ll need to use the upload-symbols command line tool that ships with the Crashlytics SDK. One way to obtain the tool is to install the Crashlytics SDK and locate the tool in the “FirebaseCrashlytics” folder where you installed the SDK. The tool has also been uploaded to an App Builder share drive. The link to this file is:

The dSYM file that is required is supplied as part of the Scripture App Builder application. To obtain the file, find the Scripture App Builder application in Finder and select “Show Package Contents”. Find the file Contents/Resources/Java/ios/TemplateApp.app.dSYM.bz2. This is a zipped version of the dSYM file that may be used for all applications generated by this version of SAB. Copy this file to another location and unzip the file.

Upload the dSYM file using the GoogleService-Info.plist file associated with this application by opening a Terminal window. The command line to upload the video is:
/path/to/upload-symbols -gsp /path/to/GoogleService-Info.plist -p -ios /path/to/TemplateApp.app.dSYM
For the example where all three files have been placed in the same directory and the Terminal window has cd’d to that directory, the command would be:
./upload-symbols -gsp ./GoogleService-Info.plist -p -ios ./TemplateApp.app.dSYM

The link to the updated beta version of SAB is Scripture-App-Builder-9.2.2-beta.dmg - Google Drive