One paragraph with Very Bad Spacing

PTXprint has been doing lots of great things for us lately, typesetting beautiful Scripture books in great leaps and bounds. But then today, out of the blue pops this paragraph (and I give you the paragraph afterwards for comparison):

I have analyzed the raw text, to make sure there aren’t any funny characters in there. There are no changes in the adjustment list. The boxes for interword and interletter spacing are not checked. Zerobowam is a fairly long word that could cause some bad spacing, but it isn’t even near the line ends. I did notice that the adjustment file had a +-0 a couple of lines later (auto-generated) : 1KI 14.22 +-0. I don’t know what that means, but I changed it to the usual +0, and that didn’t change anything.

Now looking more through the rest of the text, I’m seeing several other problem places:


and how about this:


I’ve created an archive and am sending it in to the support address.

Never mind… :slight_smile:

I saw the problem almost immediately after I hit send. In all of the problem places, there is ma at the end of the line and in̰a Izrayel at the beginning of the line. It turns out that I had put this in my changes.txt file:

at 1KI 0 " ma in̰a Izrayel" > " ma\u2028in̰a Izrayel"

to try to fix a problem in the Introductory Outlines:

but 1KI 0 apparently doesn’t mean in the introduction. And that phrase is not unique enough to only change that one place.

How do I specify a change to only make in the introduction?

In the meantime, I’ll make the phrase more unique.

Without any testing, does 1KI 1:0 work?

Another way of handling this would be to use the in environment expression:

in "environment-X": "find-Y" > "replace-with-Z"

And if necessary, you could go further and restrict that change to a specific book as well:

at 1KI in "\\io1 .+?\\ior": " ma in̰a Izrayel" > " ma\u2028in̰a Izrayel"

Note that you could also apply a custom-made character style to \sq squeeze the text \sq* that it finds if you think it might just all fit on one line with a bit of shrink/squeeze, for example:

at 1TH in "\\io1 .+?\\ior": "(ခရစ်ယာန် အကျင့်သီလ ဇာပိုင် ဖြစ်ရဖို့လည်း​ဆိုစာကို သွန်သင်ခြင်း)" > "\\sq \1\\sq*"

So, there are a few options available to you to adjust things when needed.

Thanks for the input. I had forgotten about the “in” clause. That really helps to narrow things down.

Can you just clarify the syntax of the “at” specification. (The Above and Beyond the Basics says “Practically anything decipherable is possible!” But deciphering and interpreting are two different things… :slight_smile:)

Specifically, can I say “at 1KI 4” to mean only look in chapter 4 of 1KI? If so, what does “1KI 0” actually mean? It was making changes throughout the book - so is the “0” just ignored in that case?