Optical Font Kerning in SAB body text?

CSS allows for font kerning as follows

  • auto: This lets the browser decide whether or not to use font kerning.
  • normal: Allows the kerning stored in the font to be used.
  • none: Disables kerning.

Just like the printed page, I am trying to achieve optical kerning, to avoid this

Where esu almost seems like a seperate word. What I am looking for is this
A normal amount of optical kerning
I have tried to add kerning to the body text in styles as follows, trying font-kerning: auto and normal, but with no visible difference in either the app or on the html preview in windows 10. (For Chrome the CCS3 documentation says to apply with prefix -webkit-.)

Should the syntax look like this -webkit-font-kerning: auto; ?

Or is font-kerning: auto; the right syntax? (see below)


What would it take to make font-kerning work in SAB?