Option to add ".nomedia" to audio folder at first download

Hosting audio files for an SAB-built app works well. Would it be possible to have an option for the app to add the empty file .nomedia to the target audio folder when the app first creates it, when the first audio file is downloaded? This would keep all the downloaded audio files from showing up as music on the phone or tablet.

Thank you for considering this.

In cases where a person wants to listen without reading, having audio show as music provides an audio version to listen to.

True. In our case, though, there is a security issue.

This option has been added to SAB 4.6 - in Audio > Audio Settings.
Please try it out and let us know if it works as you would expect.

Thanks so very much, Richard. Yes, it works! I appreciate your taking the time and effort to add this. Hope others will find it useful too.

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