Option to omit the possibility of downloading a video segment streamed to an app user

The rights holder to one Scripture-based video that we’ve dubbed into the language of the folks we serve allows the video to be viewed by streaming from our on-line repository, but does not allow us to give copies of the video to others or to allow them to download it.

However, in our app built with SAB 6.0.2, three dots appear in the lower right corner when the video is being streamed to a device (indicated by the arrow on the first screenshot).

When the three dots are selected, the option to download the video segment appears (second screenshot).

It would be helpful if, in Scripture App Builder, we could have a Video Settings or Features switch to select whether or not to give the end-user that option to download the segment so that we could include this video in the app, but with access to view only and not to download.