Optional Chapter Selector

I would love this feature to be added to SAB: make the chapter selector optional

While most scripture apps will want the the chapter selector, I’m working with a set of discipleship apps where each study is a different “book” so there is only 1 chapter. Besides taking up space in the menu bar, the chapter selector is confusing to many users since each study has only 1 chapter and thus the chapter selector doesn’t have a purpose.

Additionally, with the addition of the verse selector (and even the option for users to turn the verse selector on/off in the menu!), now there is the ability to optionally turn on/off both the list of books and the verse selector but the there is no such option to turn on/off the chapter selector.

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It seems that SAB should automatically not display the chapter tab if there is only one chapter. But having the option might at least allow for some instances where it is desired to display the chapter number even if there is only a single chapter in the book.

I have modified this to a Feature request so people can vote on it. I added my vote.