Paratext or SAB combining two verses

I don’t know if this is a Paratext or SAB question, maybe both.

We had to join two verses together in Joshua 21 because of how our language works. It was the 1st and 2nd verses. In Paratext we put 1,2 into "\v " (ie: \v 1,2). When we imported Joshua into SAB and did aeneas and then the fine turning. \v 1,2 didn’t highlight but \v 3 did. And at \v 12 it inserted what was in 1,2 and then what should have been verse 12 it followed 1,2. So \v 12 actually had 3 verses in it.

How can we overcome this?

When we did and HTML export: \v 1,2 and \v12 was together and \v 1,2 didn’t highlight when the audio was being played and the same for \v 12

In Paratext, go to your project menu, Project settings, Scripture reference settings and check that you have a comma in “Range of Verses”. If that does not solve the problem, use hyphen to combine verses. In our project we have combined numerous verses with a hyphen (ie. \v 1-2) and never have had issues with either Paratext, SAB or Aineas.