Paratext project dropdown list is greyed out... can't do anything

I’ve just started with PTXPrint, and very excited about it! However, when I install on Linux, in the Project and Scope panel, the Paratext project dropdown list is greyed out, i.e. no projects are available to select. Even the default MTP is not there. So my question is, is there a location to make projects available to PTXPrint? Where is it looking by default? I have downloaded some UFSM Bibles, so I was hoping to get started right away.
I did have Paratext installed but I uninstalled it because I don’t need it at this stage.

PTXprint can’t print “resources” for copyright reasons. This means that projects the come installed with PT and also ones downloaded from DBL can’t be printed. (Yes, many DBL projects actually have open copyright, but PT treats them all the same when it downloads them). Are any of the projects you’re trying to access ones you created or have editing rights to?

You say you uninstalled PT–but is the “My Paratext 9 Projects” folder still somewhere on your computer? Did PTXprint ask about the location of it when it started up?

When you launch PTXprint, you can point to that directory by using the -p switch. Try doing that and see if it works. Something like ptxprint -p /home/user/My_Paratext_9_Projects (I don’t know where the folder resides in Linux, or if it’s named with regular spaces like it is in Windows).

Thank you. I have managed to get it started now, using the -p flag, like you said. It must have defaulted to the original Paratext folder when I first installed it, and when I uninstalled Paratext, it was still pointing to that same directory.

I’m new here also and I have the same question. I’m not a translator but a typesetter. I’m starting a PTX Bible Module. The Open in Book is greyed out. I have translator permission from the administrator to edit XXD. One problem may be that in XXD I had typed text then deleted all the text, but did not delete the XXD book. Does the administrator need to delete XXD so I can then use it in the Bible Module?

I created an SFM file to “Copy from specification file:” I have that chosen.

I believe what you’re describing is things being greyed out in Paratext, not in PTXprint, correct?

Likely you don’t have the Translator/Administrator privileges required to create a new “book” like XXD.

However, if you already have a Spec file created which you were hoping to copy into XXD, you should be able to skip the step of loading it into Paratext. Instead, in PTXprint you can use the Bible Module section to load the Spec file directly. This is typically inside the directory:
...\My Paratext 8 Projects\ABC\Modules\
where ABC is your project name, and the actual spec file will be something ending in .sfm.


Yes things are greyed out in the Bible Module window in Paratext. I’m working at creating a Bible Module in XXD in Paratext to then be typeset in PTXprint.

I have translator status, with permission to edit XXD. From what you said, I suspect my problem is that the XXD had text with problems. So I deleted all text to start over. But I did not delete the book. So I’ve asked the administrator to delete the book so I can attempt to create the Bible Module again.

I do not yet have a file created , but only verse references to be pulled out of the project’s books. I’m not sure what the “Spec file” is: would it have only references, or the verses pulled into the Bible Module sfm? I’ll copy a sample of what I currently have which I’ll use to create the Bible Module: (I need to add \c per your other answer.)
\inc v f s
\vrs Original
\mt1 Tavui Leo
\ref GEN 1:1-12:9
\r $(GEN 1:1-12:9)

3/21 edit: I have since removed the \p \s \p because they were unnecessary.


The administrator deleted XXD and it now shows up in the “Open in Book” window as “Extra D (XXD) - empty”. So that solved the problem - thanks!