Picture Book App: page duration setting won't override timing file

I have a Picture Book app that includes pictures, text and synchronized audio. If I select a duration for a particular page (eg. 10 sec), it doesn’t override the timing file duration for that page. I was thinking that it would add some silence at the end of the timing file segment. Either this is a bug or it is not designed to do this. I’m using SAB 6.2

The particular app I’m working on is large (86 pages) and I now that the app book is complete I see that it would be good for 1 or 2 seconds of silence to be placed at that the end of some pages (before the page turn) to make the story sound more natural. Being able to make this adjustment in SAB would be great. If this is not going to be possible, I will have to redo the audio file, timing file (this will be a lot of work, since I had to modify the Aenaes synchronization a lot), and recreate all the motion on the images.

It can be difficult to make a narrated story with frequent page turns sound natural in a SAB/RAB Picture Book app. The issue is the page turns. An audio file might sound wonderful, but the automatic page turns in an SAB/RAB app add 1 to 2 seconds of silence. This can add an awkward amount of silence between the turns. In my audio file for this project, I reduced the silent space between the narration at page turns. This worked quite well, but now I feel that there needs to be some fine tuning… so that lead me to try the page duration feature, but unfortunately that didn’t work for my purposes.

It would be great if SAB/RAB had an option for seamless page turns (no silent space added at page turns). One wouldn’t have to tweak the audio file and could make a book that looks more like a film with moving images.

@NeilZubot Can you share your app with me, so I can look at this? Just share in a Personal Message or by email.

I agree with Neil that the gaps that occur between page turns can be somewhat annoying in some projects. Especially if the audio contains sound effects and some background music (that’s included in the narration file). Seamless page turns would be great!