Picture list disappearing

It seems that if I work on a different job, when I come back, my list of pictures with all the fine tuning disappears. I can regenerate the list, but then I have to start all over doing the layout tweaks. The information is sort of there because I got empty boxes with
missing: “./tmpPics/picturename.jpg” where the pictures were supposed to be. The pictures are still present in the figures folder under the main Paratext project folder. I am on 2.2.5.

We are currently working from version 2.2.35 - please upgrade to see if this problem has already been fixed in the last 3 months. If not, let us know and we’ll look into it.

Thanks, Mark. I downloaded the latest, and it looks like the problem is solved. This is a great program. I so much appreciate the work you all are doing on it.