Pictures not loading from .docx book files

I am building a combined app from Word .docx books that have worked in smaller apps previously. For a seemingly random subset of these, the images are not displaying with the audio and text, although they are present in the Word docs as well as the images folder. Adding them to the story pages tab in different ways has not solved the issue. Any suggestions or ideas as to what went wrong?

One thing to note is that these Word files were created from Publisher files using a file conversion process. Upon examination, they are structured correctly per the “Building Apps” instructions.

@SAB_sister, if it was me, I’d be exporting the problem books to SFM using the button in SAB to do that. I’d then be looking at the SFM for inconsistencies and correcting those. Then removing the original DOCX books and Importing the SFM versions of the same book. Then make sure all of the images and audio is in the app builder.

If you don’t know SFM then that may be a bit challenging. If you want to share your problem DOCX file and exported SFM file I can have a look at it. You can send me a Private message of how I can get a copy of those files.

Exporting to SFM …

The only place I can see to do this is from the Book > Source tab for the book?
I see the illustrations are handled at book level (Book > Illustrations tab) instead of in the project’s Images > Illustrations tabs.

I haven’t worked with DOCs as a source yet, so this is interesting.