Placement of jpg images into SAB 8.1 Bible books

Wanting to add images to a Bible app, went to “Images” -> Illustration -> add images. Added the jpgs. Select image, right click, placement, add where you want it, book, verse etc, then OK.

I see the placement noted in the column. But when I build the app, I do not see the image in the app on the phone.

Also, what does "import Image Placement mean?

I should not need to edit the Bible book, to add the markers for the image, do I?

What am I missing?


I have done some initial testing. Those images are not showing up where I am placing them.

I’ll do more tomorrow.

I don’t have the format to use for the import file. I’ll ask.

Maybe I can give more details to what I have done. From, I downloaded to computer some Lumo film stills, 40KB jpgs. SAB, added images. Checked “include and show illustration in this app” and "resize image - max width 480 pixels. In the table, I see the thumbnail of the image, dimension - 480 x360, file size - 39.7 KB, file name, placement C01|JHN.2.6. I added the “placement” by right click that selected image, view-> placement. Yet when I build the app, that pushes app to USB connected phone, if I go to John chapter 2, I do not see the image. To make sure it is the newer version of app, I uninstalled the earlier version before asking SAB to build -> still the same results.

I have the same problem. It doesn’t matter whether I specify positions manually or import them from a piclist file, they show up in the SAB viewer, but not in the app.

A related bug: After making a manual edit of the placement, the placement shown in the image list is not updated until I switch to a different tab (e.g. audio) and then come back.

This is what I did to make this work. Going to C drive, “My Paratext 8 Projects”, then language folder, I copied the books I wanted insert images, pasted these books into the work folder for this build. Then opened those books using text editor such as PSPad, and inserted directly into the text the markers needed (\fig 001-wedding-cana.jpg\fig*). I then used these modified Bible books to replace what was originally added from PT folder. Then within SAB, added those illustrations with same name (ex 001-wedding-cana.jpg). That seemed to work well.

I am not sure why SAB has “placement” column in the illustrations table, where you add images.

@JohnVdm, in general, I would not recommend that approach. If there is ever a need to make corrections in the text in Paratext, you don’t want to have to manually re-enter all your app image fields. To avoid this, you can safely add these \fig tags into Paratext, but if you do, you should indicate which images are for app/web/print. Please see How to tell Paratext which images are for print and which are for electronic outputs.

As a more portable alternative to this, the feature for specifying placements in SAB was added in SAB 8.0:

  • You can insert illustrations in the text without modifying the source Paratext book files.
  • See Images > Illustrations. Double-click on an image, and go to the Placement tab to specify where the image should be placed. You can choose at the top or bottom of a chapter, or before or after a specified verse number.
  • Import and Export of image placements. The file format is the same as used in the PicList.txt files in the PTXprint software.

And then it was updated shortly thereafter in SAB 8.0.1:

  • Supports new format PicList.txt import file, as used in PTXprint 0.9.1.

But at least in SAB 8.1, I have not been able to get the feature to work in any project. I suspect there may have been a regression.

@mcquayi or @richard, what’s the status on this?

There is now an amazing set of 370 images from the Jesus the Messiah graphic novel that can be inserted into the Gospel of Mark in any project from a piclist, using this image placement feature, so I’m eager to see this feature working. :slight_smile:

Thank you for mentioning that BT team can add tags to indicate images for print and images for electronic outputs. Good idea! At the moment, the BT teams workflow for our entity are not thinking electronic outputs, but maybe they should in the future?

I am using SAB 8.1, I too was not able it make the placement tab to work, so what I wrote was plan B, to do it manually.

@Dan_Em the 370 images that you mentioned, are you talking about the Jesus Messiah Comic book? []

Yes, they are derived from that, without text (which would need to be added in the case of maps), though I believe there are additional images for passages in the Gospel of Mark that are not covered by the Jesus Messiah comic. It makes for a very different product than the Jesus Messiah app.

SAB 8.2, just released, fixed the primary bug described here.

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