Play Store content rating - how to answer violence question?

In uploading a new app to the Play Store, it asks about the content of the app and whether it contains violence.
I am trying to decide how to answer this question for a Bible story app that contains the story of Cain and Abel in text and audio form. So of course, it states that Cain killed his brother Abel, and includes the part about Abel’s blood crying out to God from the ground.
It has a few pictures but the picture for this story is just of the two men bringing their offerings in their hands to an altar (no blood shown). I would just say yes to the questions, but then the examples they show of depicting “violence against humans” is all with images, nothing about words…any suggestions or experiences?

The intended audience of the stories is mostly adults, but children are included too. The language community crafted the stories with the intent that they would be told to children as well.

That’s a good question! All Bible apps that I see in the store have a rating of 0 - for everyone although the Bible does contain a fair bit of violence in some parts (e.g. Joshua, Judges…) and some references to other things on the list.
Google is usually stricter with Kids’ apps. You may have come across another section in the account about “Target Age Groups”. If Google thinks that your app is attractive for children, you may have to set the age accordingly. In this case perhaps you should be a bit more careful with your Contents Rating too. On the other hand, if the story of Cain and Abel is the only violence occurring in your app and the picture doesn’t show it, I think it’s fine to say No to the question. That’s what we did with our apps too. I like the Apple App Store more where you can say that violence is “infrequent/mild”. Google doesn’t have this differentiation, I believe…
Any other opinions on this?

I said no to all the violence/sex/drugs questions as it is not visual, but set the apps as aimed at 18+, and have not had problems with submission related to that.

I say no to all, and set 13+ for the age.


From what I understand, Google is interested in visual depictions of violence, sex, drugs, etc. I don’t think they are concerned with textual descriptions. I don’t have any references to back up my conclusions, but that seems to be the concern.

So if you have embedded videos, then you probably need to take careful attention to review all the video and see if there are any scenes that are relevant. Has anyone reviewed all of the Gospel Films or JESUS film for this?


Thank you all for your replies. The app I am working with has Bible story pictures (visual depictions) of select scenes from Bible stories Genesis to Numbers. For example, one has some men holding spears in the background.
I gave the detailed questionnaire a shot and despite reporting the occasional textual reference to violence or sex, it got a rating that I think is appropriate to the content.
Thanks again!