Playback speed other than normal causes errant behavior

Recently playback speed control has been enabled. However, if anything but Normal is chosen…

  1. And you then choose a passage
  2. And then play the audio, the app will fast forward you through all the chapters to the end of the book, not playing any audio but just racing to the end of the book.

More information: the racing through chapters to the end of the book is related to the Audio:Settings item “At the end of a chapter/page, go to the next chapter/page and continue playing audio” With this DISABLED, the behavior changes. Now, in a give chapter, change playback speed to something other than normal; it works for that chapter. Next, navigate to a different location. In this new chapter, tap the play button and nothing happens; the audio doesn’t play at all. Next, switch the playback speed to normal and the audio plays.

The playback speed issue is know to affect some phones but not all. That makes it harder to track down the issue. Thanks for the note on the change in behavior when the setting changes that is new information.