Playing videos full screen not working on some devices

With the release of SAB 5.4, videos to be downloaded from a hosting site or in a folder on the device now all play in the installed app. However, the full screen function does not seem to work on all devices. It works well on an Amazon Fire tablet. But on a Samsung Galaxy J8 running Android 8.0.0, the full screen option does not work: when the icon is touched, nothing happens. On a Samsung Galaxy A6 also with Android 8.0.0, the function seems to work once and then not again. If the app is uninstalled and then an apk of the same app built with SAB 5.1 before installing any higher versions is installed, the function works on all three devices. Any ideas how to resolve this?

Has anyone else observed this behavior? I submitted a bug report a few days ago but have not had any response. What I’m observing is that videos can display full-screen upon first installation and first play of the app. If the app is closed and reopened, the full-screen function does not work. And, if the installation of the app is an update to the already installed app, the full-screen function does not work either. But if the app is uninstalled and then reinstalled or an update is installed, then full-screen works the first time the app is run.

Not sure what happened or why, but the full-screen function is working again on an updated version of the app - just minor changes to some of the text and updated some audio files. No Android updates were received on the phone, but I’m glad to have the full-screen option working again at least for now.

Good news.

I was noticing that I had to turn the phone to landscape in order for the full screen button to show on bottom video controls bar.