Possible to display Books as 2 columns?

Working on an app to present an audio Bible using SAB, everything going great. Right now we have a square image to represent each book of the Bible, but because there are so many books and each image stretches to the edge of the screen it’s a lot of scrolling to find the intended book. Hoping to minimize this effect while still using the cover images alone but I’ve had no success. Anyone have any input on this? Possibilities I’ve thought of…

  1. One solution would be to use a rectangular image. We tried this but app always defaults to square?

  2. The ultimate would be to have two columns, basically each cover at 50% of the screen width. Is this possible with SAB and I’m just missing it somewhere?

Thank you for your time and consideration…


I am assuming that you are talking about the Contents Menu pictures. The default width for images in the Contents menu is 50%, so I assume you have set that to 100% to get full width. With the default 50% it is expected that Words appear beside the image.

Or am I misunderstanding you?

Thank you so much for your reply, my apology for the slow response time…

No, that is definitely what is happening - just not the intended effect. The goal is to have two columns, 2 books in each row, using the covers of the books to represent each book. I made a short screen capture video to help describe and visualize the issue https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vRrEIS9RdMw

@James_B thanks for the video. Great graphics. That makes it clear.

There is currently no way to have two images side by side. You could make a feature request for that. But no promises.

My suggestion would be to make your graphic into a landscape shape, Same width but half the height. Or 16x9 proportion for a little more aesthetic proportion.