Prevent pictures from zooming

I currently have a .sfm file in SAB which has a couple of \fig ... \fig* images in it. When we touch the picture, it zooms in. We don’t want this to happen.

Is there a way to prevent that?

In some ways, this is the opposite request as Zoom Picture Story Book images in app? I actually tried \img based on that string, but it creates a non-zoomable image which stays at the top of the screen, which isn’t what we want.

You could start a new topic as a Feature request to add a switch to stop the pictures being able to go full screen when touched.

I’m sorry, I don’t quite understand your answer. Are you saying that there’s no way to get the \fig ... \fig* syntax to not zoom, or that there’s no way to prevent zooming using any method at all?

Just to clarify, I’d be quite happy to edit the .sfm source file to use a syntax that SAB would understand.

It dawned on me that I have another book in this same project where the source file is html instead of USFM. The entire contents of that html file are <img src="picture.png" width="100%"/>
and it does exactly what I want–i.e. show an image on screen which doesn’t do anything if you click on it.

Is non-zooming a ‘feature’ of html, and zooming locked to USFM? Or is it the <img> vs \fig syntax that causing the difference? If I were to encode the entire USFM document in html, would it then act as desired?

I’m also a little unclear on how this forum works. If I ask here how to do something, and the answer is “it’s not possible”, do I think need to start a new thread to make it a feature request? Is the purpose of this forum to support people who don’t understand how to do certain things (which are possible) in the program, and also to report bugs, and also to make feature requests?

Pictures in \fig SFM can be made full screen then can be Zoomed. That is a feature.

There is no way I know of to turn off that feature.

\img is for story books and is always stuck to the top of the page.

HTML is handled differently to SFM (Including Word) some things could scale and some won’t. HTML may be what you want. I have not tested that area. I use SVG in HTML and it is full width for portrait and landscape but can’t be made full screen or zoomed.

You can make feature requests. At times when it is straight forward in the original post but the forgot to select Feature Request then I’ll convert it. Your initial post is not so simple, hence me asking you to make the request in a new post.
Some things people think are bugs are just user error. Others are bugs.

Thank you for this explanation.