Privacy policy now required for all Apple App Store updates and new apps

I tried to submit a new iOS app today only to discover that this has become a little harder. Now every app must have an URL link to a privacy policy page. Does anyone have an idea what this page should contain for SAB apps? I believe we are not collecting any data, right? My app streams several YouTube videos but obviously has no analytics as this is not available for iOS SAB apps.

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Friendly reminder to search before posting. :wink:

This one has some info for you: Google Play Ban - Privacy Policy Violation

I understand, thanks. But I wonder if there are differences between Android and iOS? For Android, this policy needs to be submitted only if analytics are enabled, as I understand it. On the Apple App Store, the policy needs to be in place for every app. It would be good to know what information the iOS apps actually collect. As far as I can tell, the App Store itself only collects things like country, iPhone/iPad, iOS number; it’s not collected through the app.

Looking at and considering the iOS app:

  • We don’t access memory cards or SD card
  • We currently don’t implement analytics (but that should change in the future)

Thanks Chris! I wonder if we should add something about counting audio downloads. Some of the apps use FCBH DBP downloads and I am currently checking with FCBH if these are counted etc.