Problem with videos in external folder in SAB 8.2

I have built an app that is set to distribute audio and video files from an external folder to facilitate distribution through SD cards. I was notified by someone that audio files were not being recognized in the app built with SAB 8.1. The user was running Android 10, and I saw this was a bug fix addressed in SAB 8.2, so I rebuilt the app. Now the user is reporting that the audio is working correctly, but the video files are not accessible. They encountered this problem both in Android 10 and on an older device running Android 7. Has anyone else experienced this problem?


Got the project. Will look at it.

Looking at the project, The audio is all set to Source 4 and that is files are downloaded and stored in the Triqui Copala Biblia folder. All good.

But the video is all set to different sources. V1-51 is set to source f1 which is distribute from an external folder however each of these videos is also supplied with a URL. If you intended that the video was downloaded then stored, then you have misunderstood, video streaming services. They only provide streaming. They don’t provide a file to download. Because you have provided a URL for each of these the f1 source is being ignored.

V52-59 are only YouTube
V70 is f1
V71-84 are only Vimeo
V85 is f1

So for each of the f1 sources, you need to remove the URL that is supplied.

There seems to be a bug that the file name that is stored and visible in the list of videos but it does not show up in the Edit Video dialog.


Thanks so much for taking a look at the project. I was under the impression that by providing both I was giving options, so that the app would first look to the external folder and then go online if it couldn’t find the file. This would cover people who received the app on an SD card, but also those who downloaded it from the Play Store. Am I wrong on this? Is it possible to structure the app this way, or will I need to create 2 different versions–one for offline distribution and another for online distribution?


The source is a single source.

The audio works the way you want but video is different.

For video I think you will need either two different apps. Or if you make one app, it could have two collections, one with the video streamed aimed at Playstore distribution and the other with the video in an external folder, aimed at face to face distribution. then you would need a Contents menu that told people clearly which one to choose. Not ideal. A bit confusing.

You could put in a feature request to ask for Streamed video to look in a folder first and use that if available. Then it would be more like how the audio is handled for download/streaming.

Thanks, Ian. I was pretty sure that we were able to make the video work like the audio works in earlier versions of SAB, but maybe not. If that’s not the case, I would definitely like to make that a feature request.