Problematic default line spacing in verse-on-image

For our writing system, SAB’s default line spacing for verse-on-image causes overlap:

Users must discover the line spacing setting and adjust it in order to fix this, but it’s not obvious to them that this is possible:

Ideally, SAB would provide a setting so that we can specify the default position of the line spacing slider.

Another problem is visible in these two pictures: After double-clicking the text, the scripture reference line loses its distinction from the verse text, and can no longer be formatted with a smaller font size.

Thank you!

SAB Version: 8.6.4

@mcquayi, do these two bug reports need any further information?

@Dan_Em The first one is not a bug, just difficult UI, as I understand you saying. I’m not sure how what you are suggesting will be any easier to find and use.

The second one is a bug. I have written it up.

@mcquayi, the bug is that the default line spacing makes Thaana text unusable as-is. I’m not asking for a change to make the UI in the app less difficult, but a setting in SAB itself to allow the app developer to adjust the default line spacing so that when the user tries the verse-on-image feature, right from the start they will see readable text.

@mcquayi, is this issue on the to-fix list?

This is the enhancement issue:

Setting line height for font used in verse on image. #682

Source : Problematic default line spacing in verse-on-image - #4 by Dan_Em
Issue : Some fonts display badly as the default line spacing has the lines too close together in verse on image.
Expected : It would be good to have a setting of line height that could be set by the app creator so the default is not used but a line spacing that works for that font.
Note : Is there a Style that handles this now? Would a style setting fix this?

It is assigned to a developer.

So I think I captured the main issue above and the other below:

If double click on Verse on Image to edit, reference is no longer separately treated. #679

Source : Problematic default line spacing in verse-on-image
Cause : When generating a text on image and you double click to edit the text,
Issue : The Reference which was treated separately is no longer treated separately
Expected : The reference can be made to have a different font size.
Workaround :
Note : I have not tested this. A sample can be gotten from Dan.
Affects version : 8+
Priority : low

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I have noticed this too, here is an example:

The item on the left is the passage reference text adjuster and you can see the default is quite a bit smaller than the verse text.
After double tapping on the verse to edit it and going back it appears like this:

The text and reference are now identical and the leftmost item is the picture blurring function.

I was hoping to find a Verse on Image Style that could be used to customise a couple of additional text display settings - ie. no drop-shadow, no bolding of text. Sometimes different scripts and fonts seem to need customising.