Problems with fine-tuning timings

I have audio files in a language that is spoken very quickly, and Aeneas is having some difficulties synchronizing the audio. (Not huge difficulties, but just from time to time - it still does amazingly well!)

But when I go to fine-tune the timings, I have two problems:

  1. At first we were breaking phrases on commas, but decided there were too many commas, so we decided to reprocess without breaking texts at commas. So the phrases look like this:
    4a|wo yʼan di ruute, yʼede:
    4b|Nung ni tʼize oldiko, nʼun di yʼele wede i kʼize oldiko ye a beygung.
    4c|Wo de kane an di ruute, anʼde:
    4d|Kaye seezey ye, a wollo kee baa.
    But on the fine-tune timings page, it comes up like this:
    So it is breaking on commas here, and we have to ignore the text here and use the text breaks from the phrases file to do the timing.

  2. I also noticed that often saving the timing file doesn’t “take”, but if I do it two times in a row, it seems to work consistently. What’s up with this?

Are you setting the no comma in the Aeneas wizard or in the Audio Synchronization tab of the Audio section?

This is the Audio section:

So the comma had been removed in the Audio Synchronization tab for the book (and it says Use book-specific setting), but the Main Collection said to Use app-level setting, and the app-level setting still included the comma. Once I removed that comma in the app-level setting, then the phrases started breaking properly in the fine-tune timings.

So it looks like when you run Aeneas and change the phrase-ending characters, it sets the phrase-ending characters under Audio Synchronization for that book to Use book-specific setting, and puts the characters there. So doesn’t that mean that when you fine-tune timings for that book, that you should use those local settings to break the phrases for the fine-tune settings web page? Obviously it’s better if we make the settings global across the app, but that seems like a bug to me.

Also I’m noticing that in the app-level setting of phrase-ending characters, spaces between the characters are removed automatically. So if I enter “. ? ! : ;” it changes it to “.?!:;”. I’m assuming this means that you can never have a multi-character sequence to end a phrase? That’s not a problem as far as I know, but I just wanted to make sure that it was an intentional and well-though-out decision… :slight_smile:

So @jeff_heath can you set the app level to include commas and just export for fine tuning the book that does not use commas and let me know if the fine tuning is still using the app level settings or the book level?

I’ll write this up as a bug but I am wondering if you create all the fine tuning at the same time then it uses the collection level settings.

I’m doing more fine-tuning on this same project, and sometimes when I click “Save Changes to Timing File…”, it saves it to my Download folder, but does not move it to the timings folder in the project. It seems like I used to see this more often, but now I’ve saved probably a hundred timing files and only one didn’t get moved to the project folder. (It was C01-04-LUK-04-timing.txt, in case you were wondering, but all the other Luke timing files were moved just fine.)

This isn’t a huge deal, but I do have to keep the timings folder open, to make sure that the fine-tuned timings file gets copied over each time, which is kind of a pain…