Problems with hyperlinks

The following sequence of verses has one single chapter that is not linking.

(\xt Ich 25.13–26.2, 19, 27-32\xt*)

Just to clarify, what you want is one link for ch25v13 to ch26v2, then another link for all of ch19, then another link for all of chapters 27-32?

That is correct. Chapter 19 is not linking. Should it be formatted differently?

I think you might have to include the verses when it is only one chapter. This seems strange because you don’t need to for multiple complete chapters like 27-32. I think it doesn’t know what to do with a number that doesn’t have a . or a -.
So it would need to be 19.1-19.20, for example, obviously use the number for the last verse.

Thanks, that would work. I’ve also seen a similar problem where verse references are automatically hyperlinked without the use of tags in certain conditions like when parentheses are used. In that case single chapters are also ignored. It feels like a bug, but I’m guessing that attempting to link them has side-effects that can’t be resolved. Thanks for a workaround.