Problems with landscape orientation in story apps

This is about story apps that contain several stories with several pages each. Audio and text are synchronized. The problems start when the users turns the phone to landscape orientation. It works well as long as the pages aren’t forwarded by swiping to the next. When this is done, and especially when the user jumps to the next story and then turns the phone back to portrait mode, it shows the wrong story, not the one that the user just looked at in landscape mode. When the audio button is pressed, an audio file is played that doesn’t match the text on the page, although the text is highlighted. Can this be fixed? Also, it happened to me a few times that the subtitles on the pages were not consistently displayed but went missing sometimes, especially after swiping to other pages in landscape orientation. Thanks. I tested this on several devices e.g. Android 6 and 9, physical phone and emulator. It occurred in different story apps, some done with Word files, another with SFM files. Apps built with older SAB versions as well as with the latest one.