Progressive Web Apps - Offline?

Does the PWA model require the mobile device to always be online to use the PWA, or can some of data be downloaded to used offline?

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Yes, the PWA does work offline, as far as I know all PWAs have at least some functionality offline.
From what I have tried, all of the text is available offline.
Some audio that you have already listened to is also kept offline. Someone else might be able to tell you how much and for how long audio would be kept on the device, I doubt that if you listened to the entire Bible while online it would then all be available offline as that would take a lot of space.
Just for fun, I went through all of Acts, pressing play on each chapter while online, then disconnected from the internet and it was all still there. What I don’t know is how long it will stay there.
Having said that, the 3 dots on the right gives you the option to download a chapter’s audio, this would make sure it is kept offline.
You can see which audio is available as it will have the length at the bottom (for example 0:00/3:26)
If unavailable, it will always say 0:00/0:00 as it doesn’t know the length if it does not have access to it.

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Can someone point me to a PWA that I could see & try?


Here is mine:
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Here is another:

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